GourmetHR has been a life saver for Tunnel Radio of America. We needed someone to come in and do a thorough audit of our Human Resources and recruit our next HR Manager. Stephanie worked diligently to make sure we were up to date and in compliance. She made connections with our employees and management easy and made the transition for our new HR Manager smooth. We continue to reach out to GourmetHR for training and help as need. We would highly recommend if your organization needs help, small or big, to reach out to GourmetHR as they will be able to assist in all areas of Human Resources!

Catrina Larsen

HR Manager, Tunnel Radio


We are grateful to have met Stephanie Leffler with Gourmet HR last year during a time when we had to make a staffing change. Stephanie walked us through the termination process and helped us understand the importance of HR. Being a small family business we would never have the need to a full-time HR person, but we do have a need from time to time for an HR person we can call or email and get a prompt response. Stephanie helped us with a complete HR review of our company, from policies and procedures to help us refine and update our company handbook. We felt ready to hire another employee and Stephanie was there for us through the entire process. She helped us go through the resumes, screen applicants, perform background checks, skills testing and final interviews. Stephanie has been a blessing to our business and our employees. We are now operating with top-notch HR policies and procedures. She was able to help us understand that we needed to make some changes that might be hard at first, but would make our employees happy and our business run smoother in the long run. We honestly can’t think of a better person to work with when it comes to HR for small business. Stephanie is fair with her time and billing rates. We can’t imagine trusting one of the most important parts of our business to someone else. Thank you, Stephanie, for all you have done for us and continue to do.

Dawn Duerksen
Property Manager
541-753-3620 x 201



“Gourmet HR filled a gap at our company when we were in between HR Managers.  Stephanie stepped right in and immediately had a positive impact.  She dove in and mitigated some outstanding compliance issues.  She gave the HR office a complete overhaul by organizing all personnel files using a color-coded systems to increase ease of use.  She hired many new employees, including her replacement.  It was very impressive how quickly she made an impact and we appreciated the ideas she brought to use for improving our HR operations.”

Lisa Dunn


Tunnel Radio of America, Inc.




“Ms Leffler is an amazing HR leader. She goes above and beyond any consultant I have worked with in the past 10+ years. Ms. Leffler has saved my practice financially with her business knowledge and risk management skills. I am grateful she decided to work with me on developing a successful practice.”

Dr. Anderson DO, MS
Physician @ Anderson Neurological Pain Solutions LLC