Can I ask an employee if they are pregnant?

Answer from Angela, PHR: We recommend you not ask an employee if she’s pregnant. Generally, employers may not inquire about an employee’s private health information unless an employee has requested an accommodation or leave. It’s understandable that you will need to plan for her absence; however, pressuring her to notify […]

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Give Chocolate, Not Live Bunnies for Easter Campaign

I am running a FB campaign to raise money for a donation to Safe Haven Humane Society in Tangent Oregon. Donations will go to help small animals. According to National Geographic, they are the third most discarded animals. Read more: If you want to participate, donate on my FB page […]

Can Employers Prohibit Wage Discussions?

Can Employers Prohibit Wage Discussions? Answer from Kim, SPHR, SHRM-SCP: Employers may not prohibit, or even discourage, employees from discussing their wages with one another. Likewise, employers may not in any way discipline or retaliate against an employee for discussing their wages or other terms and conditions of employment. Prohibitions […]

Basic Mediation Training

Basic Mediation Training Provided by Neighbor-To-Neighbor Mediation (N2N) Your nonprofit Community Dispute Resolution Center Serving Marion, Linn, and Benton Counties 36-Hour Training on April 6,7 & 13-15, 2018 (half day15th) Albany Mennonite Church (3405 Kizer Ave NE, Albany OR)   Where/When: Days 1-4 are 8:30am-5:30pm (with an hour for lunch) […]