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Our goal is to provide a tailored plan to meet the small business owner’s needs!

Workplace investigations

Part-time HR staffing

Facilitation of difficult conversations

Employee relations/Performance improvement

Compliance checks

Supervisor training

Executive coaching (Discreet and effective)

Handbook and policy creation/review

Desk audits

Benefit suite design and negotiation (We will work with your broker)

Risk management and safety



We prevent and fix your HR issues in a respectful, confidential, and cost-effective manner.

Free, no risk, confidential consultation and HR software trial.

On-Demand HR support by HR professionals

Free handbook review with HR software

Over twenty years of HR and Risk Management expertise

Services tailored to your culture and businesses

Efficient and thorough

Local and knowledgeable

Get started with a FREE, no-risk, confidential consultation & HR software trial!

We help you prevent and fix your HR issues.